Not all healthcare providers in the United States have the same training.

Know the differences.



Primary and specialist doctors who are the leaders of your care team and licensed to practice independently.


Nurses with graduate training and physician assistants who work as part of your care team under the supervision of a licensed physician*.

*Some states have granted independent practice rights to NPPs due to severe physician shortage

But length of training doesn't tell the whole story. Take a look at the differences in clinical training. 

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Ask for a physician.

Every single time you seek medical care, you deserve the best. You deserve to receive reliable, safe, high-quality care from a healthcare provider who has the knowledge and expertise that can only be gained through years of rigorous medical training including an accredited residency program. So the next time you're at the hospital or the clinic, do not settle for an unsupervised midlevel provider with a fraction of the experience. Ask for a physician.

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